STA Certification

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Seal of Testing Assurance
Participants in the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program have shown the commitment to test their compost products on a prescribed basis and provide this data, along with compost end use instructions, as a means to better serve the needs of their compost customers.
Compost Use
US Composting Council Certified
This product meets or exceeds the parameters of the Acceptable Range of compost characteristics contained in the USCC’s Consumer Compost Use Program

The Consumer Compost Use Program

The Consumer Compost Use Program takes the USCC’s STA Program to the next level, and to the retail consumer, in an easy-to-understand format. The USCC created and has managed the Seal of Testing Assurance Program (STA) since 2000. The STA Program is a compost testing, labeling and information disclosure program whereby compost producers must test their compost anywhere from quarterly to monthly, based on production tonnage. The compost test suite, arrived at through a consensus process that included the leading compost research scientists and industry experts from across the US, includes chemical, physical and biological compost tests. It also includes EPA testing for health and safety standards (pathogens and metals). The results, along with feedstock information and specific compost use directions, are required to be disseminated to all prospects and customers.The STA Program has achieved a high level of success among professional users such as: Departments of Transportation (several specify STA compost ONLY for their landscape projects), landscape architects, landscapers, soil suppliers and others. The STA data, however, is just that; data available for interpretation by professional users. It is not a program designed for the retail consumer.

Compost can be purchased at landscape supply centers, nurseries and building supply centers around the country in bulk or packages. REMEMBER: Consider bulk buying wherever possible. Most compost is sold in 1 cu. ft. bags. It takes 27 bags to = 1 cubic yard. Do the math and make a wise buying decision!

The use of STA compost will help consumers confidently achieve 5% organic matter efficiently and cost effectively by using compost, produced from locally recycled organic residuals.

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